4-26-12 (Off Day # 2)

Yesterday was supposed to be spent in St. Louis, a doctor-ordered MRI prevented that. Victoria and I were planning on leaving Wisconsin in the morning, and spending the day in St. Louis, and of course the weather was perfect. My doctor was a little concerned that my knee wasn’t feeling better, and had ordered an MRI on Wednesday. I had blood work done beforehand, and I still had a bruise from the last blood draw which was 8 days ago. I’ve had plenty of MRIs before, but I was still alarmed at how loud those things are. I had the headphones on, and asked them to put on some classical music, because I wanted to try and sleep a bit. I was startled when they started, and the noise was so loud I thought it was coming from the headphones, it was not. I couldn’t hear the music for the duration of the MRI, but was still able to fall asleep a few times. Luckily my legs didn’t twitch (which is known to happen when I’m dozing off) and force them to start over.

Victoria and I left just before five from my parents’ place in Fort. We stopped for a quick bite at Arby’s around 7:30, then finished the drive to my Aunt Anne and Uncle Mike’s house, which is in Saint Charles (a suburb of St. Louis). We arrived just before 11, and were shown the ropes. To sum up my aunt Anne, you need one picture, and it’s what I woke up to this morning:

Long story short, Anne is a [NOT crazy] cat lady. She has six cats, four of them are pictured below. Going clockwise from top left you have:

1) Dempsey, named after Tom Dempsey, because he has somewhat of a club foot (paw). Tom Dempsey is best known for kicking a 63 yard field goal back in 1970. I didn’t know that he was born in Milwaukee, so maybe this will provide some sort of luck. When Victoria and I were getting ready for bed he jumped right up, and wound up sleeping between us for most of the night.

2) Marvin, the second of the “Tuxedo Brothers”, which is what Anne and Mike dubbed him and Dempsey.

3) Speck, who is 20 years old, deaf, and diabetic. Anne has a little heating pad on the chair, and said that Speck will stay there most of the day.

4) Buster, who, as you can see, is rather large.

They have cat trinkets around the house, and this four part picture exemplifies my aunt quite well.

Again, going clockwise from top left:

1) Their entry way, and you can see right away that they like cats, and the U.S.

2) A cabinet full of cat figurines.

3) University of Kansas stuff. My Grandpa Wally, who I went and saw last Saturday, went to Kansas and played football, and played in an Orange Bowl! Anne also went to Kansas, and played Basketball during the 1975 and 1976 seasons.

4) Anne’s medals, which are mostly from the last 16 years, when they moved to Saint Charles. She does 5k races, and these aren’t just participant medals, a lot are 1st and 2nd place medals (for her age group).

Victoria and I are leaving shortly to go to the Gateway Arch. I went up it years ago, but it’s been at least 15 years, (it makes me feel old saying that). Her mom was stopping in town with a friend, on their way back from Texas. We’re going to have lunch with them, and then Victoria and I are planning on hitting up the Budweiser tour before the 7:15 game. The chance of rain for tonight has gone from the predicted 70% from a few days ago, to 30% at game time. Tomorrow should be nice, but Sunday calls for some thunderstorms. If all three games are played between now and Sunday night, I’ll consider this part of the trip a success. Winning will definitely magnify that sentiment.

Personal Stats:


Miles Driven: 433.4
Sausages: 0


Time inside stadiums: 79 hours 48 minutes
Time on stadium grounds: 99 hours 37 minutes
Miles driven: 1,819.5
Miles riding in car but not driving: 312.5
Public Transit miles: 136.2
Flight Miles: 1,200
Total distance traveled: 3,606 miles
Sausages: 14 (3 Hot Dogs, 3 Polish, 3 Bratwurst, 2 Italian, Cheddarwurst, Bison Dog, Corndog)
Pitches missed: 14
Longest streak of pitches seen: 1,116 (4/22 – 4/25)
Current streak of pitches seen: 31
Percentage of pitches seen: 99.75% (5,660/5,674)
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One comment

  1. Dawn Beihoffer

    Love St Louis, wish I were there. After the game stop in at the Brosdway Oyster Bar – great food, drinks and hopefully a live band.

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