April 4th, 2012


I was reluctant at first, but figured it was time, considering my mug will be shown on TV at various points throughout the season. Coming into today I had shaved twice since the Brewers were eliminated from the playoffs. Once at the end of October, to partake in no-shave November, which morphed into no shave December as well. I shaved and cut my hair (which I do myself with a trimmers because I’m frugal) in early January before I met with the Brewers executives at Miller Park. That was on January 4th, so it’s been 3 whole months. If you can’t notice from the before and after, not much happens in 3 months of growth. I asked coworkers a few weeks ago how long they thought I had gone since last shaving, and they guessed a few weeks, HA!!! My girlfriend is quite pleased that I’ve finally gotten rid of it. I’ll admit it was getting pretty ridiculous. The picture of me in the top of the sidebar was taken in 2008, so this is a more accurate representation of what you can expect to see throughout the year. 43.5 hours until first pitch.