4-8-12 (vs. St. Louis)

I was optimistic coming into Sunday’s game, seeing how the offense woke up on Saturday. That feeling dissolved shortly after the first pitch. The day started with me frantically packing for the 7 game road trip that starts Monday. For some reason I think I can pack in 20 minutes but it always takes much longer. I left the house at 10:35, and stopped for gas, because I didn’t want to have to pay Illinois gas prices. I drove to Milwaukee and met my girlfriend, Victoria, at a location that I cannot disclose. There is parking near Miller Park that is free (and legal), but the spaces are limited, so I shall not share. It is quite a bit farther than the parking lots, so it’s probably not for everyone anyways. It’s about .85 miles from the park, so it’s somewhat of a hike. We drove separately because she was coming from the west side of Madison, and I was coming from Fort, and heading to Chicago right after the game. After entering Miller Park we headed straight for the terrace level to get this:

Like I said before, getting the game number sign taken from my seats at every home game would get boring. I’m planning on getting a picture taken from a different section for games 3 through 81. I’m starting in the terrace level and working around the bowl, and then the loge level, and then the field level. We’ll see how it goes. For away games I won’t have as many games to deal with, so it should be easier to mix it up.

Jill, who gave me the apparel on opening day, said that I could exchange the two sweatshirts that didn’t fit. We headed down to the field level and made the exchange. Victoria and I reached our seats in time for the national anthem. The first inning run the Cardinals scored was ominous, but as my uncle always says; “we needed one to win anyways”. It was close until late, but I wasn’t feeling too confident with how things were going. The Brewers weren’t getting any base runners and Lynn was pitching really well. If he can pitch anywhere near the level that he did today, he’s going to have a great season, and he’s only 24. I’m convinced the Brewers will solve the puzzle and tag him for some runs the next time they see him. Chart continues to mash for the Crew, and yes I meant “Chart”. I combined his first initial with his last name; C + Hart = Chart. Yes, I am strange. The people two rows back kindly took a picture for us in the 8th.

The end of the game worked out well, I had to meet a few friends in the field bleachers for fantasy baseball purposes. I’m the “commissioner” of a 12 team league that we’ve had for 4 years now. I didn’t think I’d have time to stay on top of it this year, but I reluctantly agreed to play again. I already don’t know what’s going on and regret trying to make it work, bad judgement on my part. With Axford getting pulled in the top of the ninth, we took off to the right field corner from our seats in 221. I watched the last out from the concourse and then used the “best bathroom at Miller Park”, before heading down the by section 203. I made it to the field level just in time to see Motte’s first pitch to T-Plush.

After Victoria and I said our goodbyes it was off to Chicago. I still don’t think it has set in that I’m actually doing this. 3 down, 159 to go. I’ll be staying with my good friend from college, who I call A-Train, lives in the Logan Square neighborhood. As the crow flies it’s roughly three miles from Wrigley, driving it’s about four miles, but transit time is about 40 minutes. You can either take the L into the city and then the red line up to Wrigleyville, or take a bus over to the red line. Tomorrow I’ll be going into the city to meet him at work, because he’s joining me for the game.

I would have taken a picture of Alex and Jess but they were in their pajamas by the time I thought of it. Jess would probably have destroyed my camera if I had tried to take a picture, but who wouldn’t? They were extremely kind and made dinner for me after I arrived, which was about 6:15. They made marinated chicken breasts, rice (Uncle Ben’s, they probably bought it just for me, knowing them), and an arugula salad with walnuts, strawberries, and cucumbers. It was amazing, and am blessed to have such good friends in a place where I’ll be 12 or 13 nights this season.

This is where I’ll be sleeping for the next five nights. I also have the option of an air mattress, so I’ll go off how my back feels in the morning.

Personal Stats:


Time inside Miller Park: 4 hours 3 minutes
Time on Miller Park grounds: 4 hours 5 minutes
Miles driven: 154.4
Miles riding in car but not driving: 0
Sausages: 1 (Polish)
Pitches missed: 0 (back to back perfect games)
Percentage of pitches seen: 100% (325/325)


Time inside stadiums: 13 hours 13 minutes
Time on stadium grounds: 22 hours 17 minutes
Miles driven: 292.3
Miles riding in car but not driving: 121
Sausages: 4 (Italian, Bratwurst, Cheddarwurst, Polish)
Pitches missed: 1
Percentage of pitches seen: 99.89% (915/916)
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