August 5th, 2012

8-4-12 (@ St. Louis)

The game was at 6:15 on Saturday and I didn’t have much to do before then. After eating breakfast I worked on the post for Friday and then watched some of the Olympics. I had decided on Friday that I was going to visit Pappy’s Smokehouse on Saturday. I left Anne and Mike’s house at 3:05 and was parked outside Pappy’s at 3:35. It’s located about two miles west of Busch Stadium on Olive Street. Here’s the exterior of the place, smoker and all:

Around the corner started the line:

Having never been to Pappy’s Smokehouse before I thought that once I got inside I’d be able to place my order. Not the case. After entering the building the line continues halfway down a hallway where the line turns around and heads back. Then there’s a door where you enter the seating area. There was a worker at that door who would allow people to enter once there was enough room. In the dining area there was barbecue memorabilia and also autographed Pappy’s Smokehouse menus. I couldn’t make them all out but could tell a lot of them were athletes because they wrote their numbers next to their signature.

This was my view as I waited patiently anxiously for some ribs:

I was getting a little nervous because at this point I had already been there for about an hour and the game was supposed to start in an hour and a half. Once I neared the door in the picture above I turned the corner:

You can see some trophies there in the lower left, and if you couldn’t figure it out from my description of the line; Pappy’s Smokehouse is very popular. I ordered a half slab of ribs with potato salad and green beans as my sides:

Everything was amazitacular. I ate up against the windows and got to see one of the workers use the smoker.

If you’re not a vegetarian and you like a good buildup before eating a delicious meal, Pappy’s should be on your list of places to eat the next time you’re in St. Louis. They also have t-shirts for sale. The worker above is wearing one that has a rendering of a pig as seen from the rear with “There’s no such thing as too much butt” going around the pig. Silly. I just looked at my receipt from Pappy’s and I ordered at 4:55, so my wait was roughly an hour and twenty minutes. I’m guessing weekdays might not be as busy, but I can guarantee you that I’m not the best person to make that declaration.

I left Pappy’s at 5:10 and was parked in one of the $5 lots a few minutes later. I walked to Busch Stadium, got my ticket from will call and went inside. I randomly selected a spot to get game photo number 106 taken and I think it turned out pretty well.

It was another hot one and I was sweating profusely despite not exerting myself whatsoever. I got to my seat in section 153 in time (somewhat unfortunately) for the 1982 World Series celebration. They had the trophy from that year’s Series at home plate and brought out the players and coaches in convertibles and beds of trucks. Whitey Herzog, the manager of the team in ’82, was first:

They brought out other players in between, but I didn’t take photos of all of them. I did get a picture of Keith Hernandez, mainly because I’m a big Seinfeld fan. After Hernandez played for the Cardinals he went on to play for the Mets. In 1992 Hernandez played himself for two episodes in which Kramer and Newman claimed Hernandez had spit on them years before.

I recognized Ozzie Smith and he sure was wearing some white pants. He was the last one introduced and shook his former teammates’ hands as he walked down the line:

They talked with a few of the players and at the same time were showing highlights of the ’82 Fall Classic on the scoreboard. I don’t know how many chances the Brewers will get to win a World Series and 1982 was definitely their best opportunity to do so.

After the field was cleared the game was set to start, albeit a little later than expected due to the pre-game ceremony. Here’s the first pitch from Adam Wainwright to Carlos Gomez:

Both teams were wearing 1982 throwbacks because of the 30 year anniversary celebration. It might be more apparent that the Brewers are wearing throwbacks because the Cardinals uniforms have not changed as much as the Brewers’ have. The second pitch of the game Go-Go doubled to center and Morgan’s groundout moved him to third with only one out. Braun came up and sent one deep to center. It wasn’t deep enough to leave the yard but was deep enough to drive in Gomez with a sacrifice fly. Brewers lead 1-0.

That sacrifice fly was the highlight of the game from a Brewers fan’s perspective. Wainwright pitched a complete game 5-hitter and the run in the first was the only run he surrendered. I wish I could say Mark Rogers matched him and the Brewers won 1-0. Sadly I cannot. The Cardinals tied it in the second inning with a solo home run from Carlos Beltran. They blew it open in the third with a 4-spot and added an insurance run in the 6th. Final Score: Cardinals 6 – Brewers 1.

The finale is a 7:05 night game Sunday evening, and I might be doing an interview beforehand. I tweeted a few news outlets and someone got back to me who works for NBC. I gave him my cell phone number and I should be hearing from somebody in the morning. It’s past midnight and since I’m driving back to Wisconsin after the game Sunday night I should probably get some sleep.

Personal Stats:

Daily Stats:

Time inside Busch Stadium: 3 hrs 10 minutes
Time on stadium grounds: 3 hrs 24 minutes
Miles driven: 58.0 (This puts me over the 15,000 mile mark for distance traveled in a car (driving + riding))
Sausages: 0
Pitches missed: 1 (Missed the 0-1 pitch to Beltran in the 7th, I was looking at my phone to find the best route back to Anne & Mike’s)
Consecutive pitch streak ended at: 685
Percentage of pitches seen: 99.51% (203/204) (Fewest number of pitches in a game thus far, previous low was 230 on 5/29 at Los Angeles)
Current streak of pitches seen: 31

Season Stats:

Brewers current record: 48-58 (.453 winning percentage)
Time inside stadiums: 449 hours 36 minutes
Time on stadium grounds: 527 hours 42 minutes
Miles driven: 12,998.5
Miles riding in car but not driving: 2,004.9
Public Transit miles: 355.1
Flight Miles: 13,989
Total distance traveled: 29,347.5 miles
Distance as % of Earth’s circumference: 117.86% (29,347.5/24,901)
Sausages: 78 (32 Hot Dogs, 25 Polish, 8 Bratwurst, 5 Corndogs, 2 Italian, 2 Cheddarwurst, Bison Dog, Chicken Apple Sausage, Blueberry & Merlot Venison Sausage, Sausage Race on a Stick)
Pitches missed: 74
Longest streak of pitches seen: 1,965 (6/30 – 7/6)
Percentage of pitches seen: 99.77% (31,909/31,983)

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