5-3-12 (Off Day # 3)

Thursday was the best day weather-wise, and I’m glad we waited to go to the beach. We took the bus, and left for Ocean Beach around noon, and made it to South Beach Bar & Grille around 12:45 for lunch. My sister had introduced me to South Beach and the wonderful world of fish tacos back in 2009, and I’ve gone back on each subsequent visit. Going clockwise from top left, the four parter below contains:

1) The inconspicuous exterior of the restaurant, word of mouth is all this place needs though.

2) The view from our table, which was just inside the entrance.

3) Unused taps above the bar.

4) My lunch. From left to right (like you can tell a difference), I had grilled Mahi, the Baja (which was fried Cod), and grilled Shrimp. They were all amazing, and extremely messy.

After lunch we took it the beach, and laid out for a while. I put on sunscreen, but my back wound up burnt because I fell asleep while on my stomach. This might be surprising to some, but the swim trunks that I’m wearing in the picture below… are from the 8th grade. Yes, I’ve kept, and am able to wear, the same trunks that I did in the year 2000. It’s probably my proudest achievement, or not.

It was a (somewhat) nice day, according to Victoria anyways. It was a little windy on the beach, so at times it was a little chilly. We walked down to the water to get our feet wet, and going all the way in never crossed our minds after feeling how cold it was.

On our way back to the bus stop, I noticed some artwork on the boardwalk, just off the beach. This would be my artsy photo of the day.

This next photo is looking down Newport Avenue, which has a lot of shops and restaurants, including South Beach Bar & Grille. Picturesque, to say the least.

We got on the bus at 4:50 and headed back downtown. We stopped at Jamba Juice (thanks Pam!), and made our way back to the hotel. The four parter below contains pictures of our last few hours in San Diego (besides the airport). Going clockwise from top left, you have:

1) The Gas Lamp Signage, looking north on 5th Avenue towards downtown.

2) Victoria and the hotel dog; Buckeye. As a Badger through and through, I disagree with the name, but he was cute, so I’ll let it pass. It may look like he’s vicious, and we laughed when we saw the picture, but he’s not. He had just licked Victoria’s face, so I think I just caught him awkwardly.

3) A few of the dogs (and humans), partaking in Canine Cocktail Hour. Hotel Indigo puts this on once a month, and it’s pretty sweet. It takes place on the ninth floor balcony, and when I was out there, I saw about 30 dogs. I think all were friendly and having a good time save for one that I think wasn’t very social. Anyone can bring their dogs, and it’s free. You can buy drinks, and there are small business owners there selling dog collars and other canine items.

4) The view of PETCO park from the 9th floor balcony. With some binoculars you could see a good amount of the action.

I’m typing this up from Allison’s couch, a college friend of mine and Victoria’s. Just like Alex and Katie, who I mentioned in this post, she was also was a part of our close-knit dorm freshman year. She works at Pixar, and we’re heading over there in about two hours for a tour.

Personal Stats:


Miles riding in car but not driving: 15
Public Transit Miles: 18.4
Flight Miles: 447
Sausages: 0


Time inside stadiums: 102 hours 26 minutes
Time on stadium grounds: 123 hours 54 minutes
Miles driven: 1,957.4
Miles riding in car but not driving: 539.6
Public Transit miles: 160.6
Flight Miles: 3,283
Total distance traveled: 5,941 miles
Sausages: 16 (4 Polish, 4 Hot Dogs, 3 Bratwurst, 2 Italian, Cheddarwurst, Bison Dog, Corndog)
Pitches missed: 20
Longest streak of pitches seen: 1,116 (4/22 – 4/25)
Current streak of pitches seen: 391
Percentage of pitches seen: 99.73% (7,259/7,279)
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